Invest in a digital marketing that will grow your business.

Johnson Jones Group is a digital marketing agency based in Minneapolis. We provide high-impact SEO, Advertising, Web Design, and Automation solutions.




Marketing solutions tailored to your needs.

We provide a Google-first approach to marketing. Our goal is to connect you to customers on Google, send them to a website that will convert, and automate your process to close more sales.

Make your website a sales tool.

conversion first web design

A good website doesn’t just look great. It needs to be focused on conversions. That means making sure you’re collecting your visitor’s contact information before they leave the site. 

Using our conversion-focused design systems, our websites create a 200% increase in generated leads in the first month.

"We went from getting 5-7 website leads a month, to over 30 in the first week of Dillon launching our new site. I wish I would have done this years ago."
Scott Wheeler
Owner - The Sanctuary On Penn

The secret link between marketing and sales.

Email Automation

With automation, you can take the tedious work out of sales and focus only on the personal elements that boost customer engagement and profit. 

Our system will keep a file on every customer, send you notifications when you need to take action, record customer engagements with your business, and maintain a visual map of where each person is on the buyer’s journey. 

Take the #1 spot on Google.

Pay per click advertising

Get your customers contacting you when they’re ready to buy.

Our advertising experts use custom data metrics and analytics to give you the highest returns on campaigns. No more guessing what will work and what won’t.

"I was getting most of my business from emails and referrals. I'm now getting 10 clients a month directly from my Google ads and I can focus on other parts of my business."
Josh Cohen
Owner - Jam With Your Friends

Help your customers find your business.

search engine optimization

When a customer is looking for your service, make sure that Google knows that you’re the most qualified search result.

Our Search Engine Optimization experts will calculate the search volume and competition of keywords your customers are searching to find you. Then, we can create content and optimize pages to rank for those keywords.

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Local Search Engine Optimization is the technique of increasing search engine visibility online for businesses that have a physical location.

Local SEO differs from traditional SEO in its focus. Emphasis is placed more on directories and Google My Business, than on content and backlinks.

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