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We saw company after company paying too much for pretty bells and whistles but lacking a real return on marketing dollars. That’s when we decided to approach marketing with a sales mentality to bridge the two departments and see tangible results.

Mitchel Johnson

Creative Director
[email protected]

Mitch is our ethnically ambiguous creative. He has picked up a recent obsession with golf, and once set the world record on subway surfer.

Dillon Jones

Advertising Specialist
[email protected]

Dillon is a left-handed ginger, which is pretty much statistically impossible. He enjoys camping, fishing, and would order a Bud Light at a local craft brewery.

Jacob Johnson

Web Developer
[email protected]

Meet our resident nerd. If it involves technology or the web, Jake will be there… elbow deep in a bag of Doritos. Most of Jake’s income is spent on hair product, dark liquor, and fine leather goods.

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