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Marketing Automation

A synthesis between man and robot

Together, we are unstoppable. By automating and testing follow up emails, we can nurture leads in the most efficient way possible. When leads reach out with questions, they are taken out of the automation and connected to your salesperson.


Marketing automation saves time by automating tasks so that you can focus on other areas of your marketing plan. It also frees up your clients’ time because they can get the emails right when they need them.


Today’s software allows us to perform tasks when users take specific actions on your website. This can help generate and nurture leads by following a planned structure that is designed to convert over time.


Each business requires a different process to effectively acquire leads. We are able to create a system that is completely unique to your business, and track data to optimize your return on marketing spend.

We provide companies with leads, by adding digital marketing systems and radically improving communications.

The biggest thing that marketing automation provides is a controlled process for nurturing your leads. This allows us to make sure the right emails are going out at the right time, as well as testing which responses are producing the best results. Of course, it’s never a bad thing to free up some time!

It doesn’t have to! Actually, automated emails can be addressed to your leads personally, as well as other custom fields like company name or location. We find that the more personalization we add, the higher the conversion rates we get.

That’s great! We still do recommend automating certain tasks like delivering your lead magnet, so your lead gets an instant response. We can also set it up so that when a lead responds, it goes directly to a salesperson and they are taken out of the automation.

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