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At Johnson Jones Group, Our design, SEO, advertising, and marketing experts help you “show up” when clients are searching for your services. Our proven 4-step system is integrated with your brand to drive more site traffic, increase conversions from clicks to leads, and turn leads into scheduled appointments at higher rates. To learn more about our techniques and strategies- you can receive our free marketing guide today. 

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As an owner of a private practice- you have to wear many hats. Let us take some of the pressure off by handling the workload of bringing in new clients. In today’s marketing landscapes, it’s not enough to only rely on “word-of-mouth” and directories. You can be sure that our team will give you a customized approach to generate more awareness for your brand at every level of your customer’s buying stage. 


Our Expertise

We are innovators in design, marketing, and advertising for therapists. We use a range of data and modern technology to provide insightful direction for your business. Our full range of services includes:


Web Design




Email Automation


One Year Marketing Plan

How We Do It

Marketing Process

The first step in our process is a free consultation. We want to learn everything about your business and provide you with the best fit of tailored services. Once we assess your needs, we can begin putting together your complete digital marketing plan. 

To put together an effective strategy we begin by understanding your clientele and how we can effectively reach them. We also research you market to understand relative size and competition to give you a comprehensive understanding of goals and key performance indicators. When our strategy phase is complete we can move to the design phase.

Typically, the first month of your marketing plan is dedicated to the design phase. We want to develop a good user experience and call to action on your site. We also dedicate time to your landing pages and ad creative. When we have an excellent brand experience developed for your clients we can begin extending your reach.

With a good marketing flywheel in place- the next step is to begin filling your site with additional traffic. We start with building out your pay-per-click ad campaigns and train you on effective content strategies. With the data we receive from paid campaigns, we can begin to see more traffic coming organically to you site and your cost-per-lead will begin to lower. 

When momentum is generated from your campaigns, we use data driven techniques to assess what is working and what is not. We use split testing and re-targetting to generate even more return on investment. Finally, we consistently optimize your accounts to make sure each month you expand your overall reach even more. 

Meet the team

“My promise is to build a strong relationship and educate my therapists at every step of the marketing process. My wife is a marriage and family therapist and I have spent a lot of time understanding the industry, both internally and externally. I can’t wait to meet and be a part of your team!” 

Brett Henderson

Therapy Marketing Specialist
How can we help?

Marketing F.A.Q.

No two businesses are the same so to start- we recommend requesting a free no-obligation proposal above. Our lowest tier consultation package begins at $300/mo.

The average client that is on retainer is spending roughly $700-$1500/mo depending on how aggressively you want to market your business. 

Some clients can see results in their very first month! We typically advise that you budget for 6 months so we can roll out your campaigns effectively and you can see what kind of results you can achieve when your marketing is operating at 100%.

Johnson Jones Group is unique because we are one of the only agencies in the United States that specializes in specific B2C Professional Services. We dedicate a rep to specifically learn/work in an industry. 

For example- Brett Henderson is our Therapist Marketing expert. While we have an entire team to help with each part of the process, he specifically works in therapy and knows how to get the best results in the industry. 

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