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If your website isn’t showing up on Google or you simply aren’t getting new leads through your website- we are here to help. At Johnson Jones Group, our team of SEO experts help you put together an effective marketing plan to expand the reach of your brand. Our Search Engine Optimization Services are designed to get you found when potential clients are looking for you, and  bring more quality traffic to your site.

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Our team will focus on your rankings so you can focus on your new leads.

At Johnson Jones Group- we are a marketing agency first. We start by optimizing your on-page SEO, technical SEO, content strategy, and backlink profile. As part of a larger effort, we also help convert clicks into leads so your private practice brings in a steady flow of new clients. 


Our Expertise

As a leader in SEO for therapists- we offer a full range of on-going services you can take advantage of once your website traffic increases. 


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How We Do It

Our SEO Process

Before we begin optimizing your site, we like to site down and discuss your goals and KPIs (or key performance indicators). We also like to educate you about the process and setting expectations. From there, our team sits down and begins to develop a comprehensive SEO plan that is custom for your private practice.

When we begin working on your site we have our developer perform a technical audit of your site. We perform a full site crawl to look for any errors or broken links. We also assess potential issues like site speed, mobile usability, duplicate content, structured data, and sitemap. If we find any issues, our developers begins fixing and cleaning your site. 

In the keyword research phase- we want to know the size of your market and understand where you should be showing up. We create a detailed report outlining exactly how many searches are conducted for a given keyword in a geo fenced area. We also assess that keywords competition level to understand which direction would give you the best results on your site. 

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your pages for the keywords we would like Google to index and rank each specific website page for. This includes title tags, links, H1, Media dispering, Keyword density, internal/external linking, LSI keywords, etc. Our goal is each page has the highest probability of ranking in the search engine results pages. 

Our link building service gets your private practice a minimum of 50 high quality backlinks to boost the domain authority of your website. These links also generate traffic to your website. We can provide a full report of all backlinks you currently have and which ones are driving the most traffic to your site. 

When your site is performing at an optimal level- Our content marketing experts will shift our efforts to expanding your website with new pages that target keywords you are not already ranking for. We give you the tools to make fantastic content- or you can hire one of our creatives to produce new content for you. 

Included in every SEO package- therapists receive a detailed analytics report that shows deep data into where your traffic is coming from and what users are doing when they get to the site. We can use this data to understand what is/isn’t working and adjust our strategy monthly to give you the best results. 


Meet the team

Jake is our lead developer and resident nerd. If there is a question, Jake has an answer. 

Jake Johnson

Lead Programmer / Developer

how can we help you?

If you would like to learn more about our SEO services, or you would like to know how your site is performing- give us a call for a free SEO audit. If you are interested in a 360 degree marketing solution for your business- we recommend getting our free marketing guide for therapists.

That is a very hard question to answer with Google’s complex algorithm. Most of our clients are being out ranked by better performing websites or simply other private practices that have hired SEO services in the past. Your site is probably not showing up for a number of reasons, but we can certainly do an audit on the phone to give you more exact answers. 

The cost of search engine optimization depends on the services provided but the range is typically from $150/mo to $1,500/mo. Most of our therapists are getting great SEO service for only $300-$500/mo The main factors into price are:

Who is creating the content?

Are you bundling services?

Are we working with a site we designed?

How many pages does your site have?

How often are you creating and posting new content. 

SEO is completely dependent on Google’s algorithm for indexing and ranking pages. Because of this- we typically recommend committing to your SEO strategy for 6 months to ensure you can see more accurate results.

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